Why Your Anti-Aging Cream Should Contain This One Crucial Ingredient


Collagen cream for body

When it comes to aging, many adults look to fight wrinkles and other skin conditions with a good anti wrinkle cream. However, those facial creams are only as good as their ingredients, and while many of them may provide moisturizing benefits for the skin, they may not have the necessary nutrients to truly fight the signs of aging. For women, these signs could appear as early as their mid-20s to their early 30s, so getting a head start on wrinkles is crucial for many — and just one ingredient that can make all the difference in the results they see from their cosmetic products.

The one ingredient that men and women should look for in their natural facial creams is collagen. What is collagen? Collagen is a protein found in the bones and tissues of all vertebrates; it makes up 30% of protein mass in humans and is found in connective tissue, as well. It dies off and regenerates in the body to give skin its elasticity and thickness.

Having a thick skin isn’t just a metaphor: women see a 7% decrease in their skin’s thickness every decade as they age — which coincides with a 1% decrease each year in the body’s collagen production past the age of 18. Left unchecked, that deterioration leads to wrinkles and a “papery” texture to the skin, and it can also affect bone health, as well. Collagen helps maintain skin’s thickness and can make it firmer and tighter, and one of the best ways to add to the body’s natural collagen is to use a collagen wrinkle cream.

Collagen wrinkle creams help replace elasticity in skin where it has decreased over time. It can also improve the health of ones hair and fingernails when used in other beauty products. In addition to applying collagen wrinkle creams externally, collagen can also be injected to fill in wrinkles and skin imperfections in a cosmetic beauty treatment.

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