‘You Should Go to College’ Raps Michelle Obama In Viral Video


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Michelle Obama has made the improvement of the youth a sort of pillar during her tenure as First Lady. Battling obesity and health was one of her first targets, but it appears she has a new goal before her term in the White House is through: Getting more kids to go to college. Sure, it’s a message preached by parents all of the country, but have they ever tried rapping it to their kids?

According to ABCnews.com, Mrs. Obama released the video through the website College Humor. Also featured in the video is Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah. The unique approach was part of an effort to promote the White House?s ‘Better Make Room’ campaign to get teens between the ages of 14 and 19 and recognize the benefits associated with earning an undergraduate degree.

“South Side Chicago, we all know, we had to do overtime every night to make it to tomorrow,” the First Lady rapped. “And everyone could really make their dream come true. Hey kid listening in Michigan, this could be you.”

Although it was a fun project and certainly showed Obama’s colorful personality, don’t expect her to start dropping line regularly. The music in the video was reportedly written by viral video creators the Gregory Brothers.

No matter what you decide to do in life a bachelors degree is a crucial thing to have. In a 2012 Pew Research report, workers with at least a bachelor?s degree had median annual earnings of $45,500, well over the medians for people with only some college ($30,000) or a high-school diploma ($28,000). Those with masters can expect even more. Overall, Americans with four-year college degrees made 98% more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree.

The White House campaign will look to help kids navigate the entire college process, from registering for the SAT’s to applying for financial aid and even visiting campuses. They won’t help you pick you are of study though, that’s up to the kid. And at the end of the day, so is whether or not they should go to college.

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