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What is the Friend Zone, and How Can You Get out of It?

Written by Reference Video on April 3rd, 2014. Posted in Approach beautiful women, Become an alpha male, How do you meet women

Become an alpha male

Imagine you’ve been trapped in an inescapable prison for all eternity. You can’t express your feelings, and it doesn’t seem like your situation is going to change. So, you give up and let yourself float through space never truly feeling alive. No, I’m not talking about Superman locking you away in the Phantom Zone; I’m talking about getting stuck in the friend zone. What is the friend zone? Read on to find out.

What is the Friend Zone?
The term “friend zone” is one of the most popular phrases used across dating sites offering dating advice for men, but what is it? As defined by, the friend zone is the category women and men put members of the opposite sex into when they have only a platonic relationship. No matter how much you might want to date this person who thinks of y