What is the Friend Zone, and How Can You Get out of It?


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Imagine you’ve been trapped in an inescapable prison for all eternity. You can’t express your feelings, and it doesn’t seem like your situation is going to change. So, you give up and let yourself float through space never truly feeling alive. No, I’m not talking about Superman locking you away in the Phantom Zone; I’m talking about getting stuck in the friend zone. What is the friend zone? Read on to find out.

What is the Friend Zone?
The term “friend zone” is one of the most popular phrases used across dating sites offering dating advice for men, but what is it? As defined by AskMen.com, the friend zone is the category women and men put members of the opposite sex into when they have only a platonic relationship. No matter how much you might want to date this person who thinks of you as “just a friend,” it seems like you’re doomed to be kept at this distance forever. However, what most sites offering dating tips for guys don’t say is that with a little honesty and effort, getting out of the friend zone is possible.

Getting out of the Friend Zone
The first trick to getting out of the friend zone is to follow the basic rules of attracting women, according to Psychology Today. The number one rule for attracting women is, of course, to make yourself attractive. If you dress and act like you don’t care what she thinks of you, then how can you ever expect her to see you as a potential boyfriend?

In most cases, however, your being attractive has little to do with you being put into the friend zone. As The Huffington Post points out, more often than not she sees you as a friend because that’s the role you’ve put yourself in. Have you ever told her how you feel about her? Just as women cannot expect men to be psychics, so, too, should you not rely on her ability to intuit your feelings. If you want something more than friendship, be honest with her. You might be surprised how quickly the doors to your self-made prison will open.

So, the next time someone asks you “what is the friend zone,” don’t react with some macho garbage about this inescapable place where cold women put their wimpy guy friends. Instead, tell them the truth; tell them that the friend zone is a place of our own making where we go when we’re too afraid to be honest about our feelings. See this link for more.

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