What to Know About Working With Learning Disabilities

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Many parents worry about the future of their children with learning disabilities or special needs, especially how they fare in school, with social norms and a strict curriculum imposed upon them. However, there are special needs schools or special education programs that specialize in working with learning disabilities. They can help your child attain the highest level of skill and independence possible, in both academic, social, and emotional arenas. Programs are often tailored to the age and developmental need of the child. You want to give your child the best foot forward in life, and that often hinges on the education he or she receives. If you’ve faced diff

Why a Special Needs Program Can Equip Autistic Children With Lifelong Skills

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Our children will ultimately inherit the world that we are laying out for them. Any parent wants to give their child the same opportunities that ought to be available for all, namely a quality education. Studies have shown that there is a drastic increase in the number of autism cases since the 1980s, leading to a growing need for special education programs to help cater to those children diagnosed with autism or other learning disabilities.

Developmental Disabilities

Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by the impairment of social and communicative skills; this is often reinforced by restricted or repetitive behavior. Autism is one of three disorders branched under the autism spectrum (ASDs), the other two are Asperger syndrome and pervasive development disorder wh

Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences

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For many parents of children with special needs, it is important for their child to feel safe and comfortable in any situation. Unfortunately, learning disabilities, autism, and other special needs can make simple tasks like going to school seem monumentally difficult. Fortunately, finding a great school for children with learning disabilities is easier than it sounds. The most important thing is being able to advocate for your child no matter where they receive their education.

When meeting with the teachers who will be working with special needs

students, it is important to establish your goals for your child. You may want to write them down before the meeting begins. Rank the g