Private Schools and Enrichment Programs Offer a Comprehensive Education

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All parents want to see their child succeed. Parents to go great lengths to teach their children how to talk, the letters of the alphabet, and also how to put words together into sentences as soon as their toddler start to make audible noises that resemble familiar words. The idea is to make children as verbal as possible to increase their chances of succeeding in school.

There are wide variety of school in the country, both public and private, that support parent efforts. Statistic Brain reports that there are more than 33,000 private schools in the country that enroll a total of more than 1 million students. These schools range from religious, to non-sectarian, and often require private funding. This means that parents usually have to pay for their children’s education out-of-pocket. Public schools, on the other hand are funded by tax payer dollars in each school’s district.

While public school comprise the majority of all schools in the country, several parents elect to send their children to a private school, as well as enrichment programs, because the believe it will improve their child’s chances for success in the classroom.

Some of the advantages of private schools are a lower teacher-to-student ratios, which allows for more personalized attention, student-centered curricula rather than state-driven standards, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, a high rate of application to secondary education institutions.

While private elementary schools do often add a significant dent to a parent’s existing budget, many of these institutions offer private school grants and private school scholarships to families who cannot afford the entire tuition. These programs can be extended by the school itself, or parents can seek help from other organizations that support private school education.

Parents can also elect to send their children to elementary school enrichment programs, which are designed to build upon classroom learning. These programs often offer children ways to add to their educational experience with fun activities that further develop their existing skills. For example, Legos can be used as both a creative outlet, and also as a lesson on how the placement of each block affects the end product, urging students to use their knowledge to think “outside the box.” Another popular part of elementary school enrichment programs is the use of performance arts to enhance and encourage leadership, and self-confidence.

There are benefits to both public and private schools, but according to the Council for American Private Education, students perform better in a private setting. In either case, the right school setting and elementary school enrichment programs will depend on the student and his or her family, and the ultimate goal is to offer a child the best education possible. To learn more, read this:

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