Montessori vs Public School What’s Best For Your Child?

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Every parent wants the best for their child, but when it comes time to enroll their young child in school, parents are often unsure what the best option is. While traditional public schools are the option most people are familiar with, there are also private and Montessori schools to consider as well. But who wins the debate of private versus public schools?

The Montessori philosophy of education was developed by pediatrician and psychiatrist Dr. Maria Montessori in Italy back in 1897. Dr. Montessori opened her first school, a daycare center, in a low-income neighborhood in Rome. The first Montessori school opened in the United States in 1911, but there are now over 8,000 Montessori private elementary schools around the country.

Montessori schools take a bit of a different approach to educ

Private Schools and Enrichment Programs Offer a Comprehensive Education

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All parents want to see their child succeed. Parents to go great lengths to teach their children how to talk, the letters of the alphabet, and also how to put words together into sentences as soon as their toddler start to make audible noises that resemble familiar words. The idea is to make children as verbal as possible to increase their chances of succeeding in school.

There are wide variety of school in the country, both public and private, that support parent efforts. Statistic Brain reports that there are more than 33,000 private schools in the country that enroll a total of more than 1 million students. These schools range from religious, to non-sectarian, and often require private funding. This means that parents usually have to pay for their children’s education out-of-pocket. Public scho