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Daycare and Preschools Allow Early Brain Development to Flourish

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Not too far into American History, mothers were known and even expected to stay at home and raise their children. That trend took a turn during World War Two when the majority of American male workers were shipped eastward for the war. This forced the women to take over factory jobs and assist in the war effort by manufacturing war supplies, parts, vehicles and weapons from the states. During this era, the government began a trend of child care as it sponsored day care services for over 400,000 American Children. Today, mothers continue to pursue careers after pregnancy as most families are supported by dual incomes. Statistics prove this trend as an estimated 61 percent of Mothers in the U.S. workforce have children under the age of 11.

Additionally, 57 percent of mothers in the United States go back

Online mba schools —- VIDEO

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What Should Parents Know About Child Care in America?

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Most parents believe that good child care is necessary for their children, but you may not know that academic researchers also agree with this notion. A number of well designed research studies have concluded that a good preschool program provides children with the kinds of social skills they will need to become responsible citizens that give back to their communities. However, many parents are stumped by how to find a good child care center with an age appropriate preschool curriculum.

Finding good child care can be challenging for a number of reasons, one of which is that good day care is not cheap, and 90 percent of all child care costs are paid for by parents in the United States rather than any other source. So too is the average cost of child care for two small kids higher than the median rent p

Think School Has to Be Stressful? Try Learning Online

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Anyone that has never enrolled in an online learning course will naturally be skeptical. For the most part, the learning experience in the United States remains unchanged from kindergarten through masters level college classes. Students sit in a room, read their book, take notes, and listen to their instructor. The rising popularity of the online learning course is change all of that, and people are taking note. In fact, online video production will soon account for a full third of all spending on online advertising over the next five years.

Online distance learning courses are now garnering national attention. An October 3 article on NBC News online boasted the many advantages of MOOCs (massive open online courses) that are now being offered by Harvard and MIT. These online training tools can provi