Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences

For many parents of children with special needs, it is important for their child to feel safe and comfortable in any situation. Unfortunately, learning disabilities, autism, and other special needs can make simple tasks like going to school seem monumentally difficult. Fortunately, finding a great school for children with learning disabilities is easier than it sounds. The most important thing […]

Why to Make Your Child’s Party Active

Are you trying to plan a birthday party for your child, but want them to be moving and outside? Although birthday parties can often be a staple of childhood, parents know how exhausting and time-consuming finding a venue and organizing the entire affair can be. Indoor birthday parties can get hectic, especially if there are a number of children involved. […]

A Guide For Interpreting Private School Statistics

Private school websites, brochures and articles are full of statistics comparing their school’s program to other private schools. Parents looking to find the best private school for their child may not always know exactly what the numbers are representing. Here are some questions that you may have when undergoing the private school comparison process along with answers and additional information […]