What is Synthetic Bone Grafting?

In conventional bone grafting, a bit of bone taken from somewhere else in the body is used to repair another bone damaged by injury or disease. What if there was a way to do a less invasive bone graft? Now there is. The YouTube channel VOA News explains how. Northwestern University came up with a synthetic bone material called hyperelastic […]

Find Out About the Options for Residential Waste Removal

This video focuses on the importance of residential waste removal. The video provides the impact of the increase of residential waste on the environment. Some major effects are pollution, global warming, the pollution of water, and ruining vegetation. These factors create health hazards in communities. Video Source With residential waste on the rise, possible solutions are needed to control this […]

Should You Be Looking at Slate Roofing?

When it comes to new roofs, there are so many roofing materials available that it makes choosing one confusing. Don’t immediately dismiss slate roofing because it costs more than conventional asphalt. John Stortz and Son look at the benefits of slate roofing. Slate roofs are less prone to leaks than many other kinds of roofs. This is because the shingles […]