3 Reasons Preschool is Essential to Your Child?s Success


Pre kindergarten

you thought about enrolling your children in preschool or summer programs before they begin elementary school? You don?t have to wait until your child is 5 years old and entering kindergarten to enroll them in school. There?s plenty young children below the age of 5 can do to improve motor skills, foster social skills and gain valuable knowledge. You might be hesitant to enroll your children in summer programs or preschool because it feels like it?s just children day care. That?s not the case. Preschool programs offer more than daily babysitting for your children. If you want to learn more about the benefits of preschool or summer programs are for young children, keep reading to find out why early education is so valuable.

1. Opportunity to learn and explore

Like day care centers, preschools and early childhood education programs allow your child the opportunity to learn and explore outside of their home environment. It may never have crossed your mind, but it?s important to help your child adapt to new environments and new people at a young age. It can also be beneficial to allow them the space to explore without you in the same room as them. They can improve their social skills and motor skills at preschool like strength and balance, jumping in place, standing on one root, running around and more. Your child will get to sing, dance, do arts and crafts, have free play inside and outside and do fun projects with other children as they develop their social skills.

Additionally, they will learn things to prepare for them for school. They?ll be exposed to the alphabet, numbers, colors, basic shapes and body parts prior to kindergarten. With enough schooling or summer programs, they will familiarize themselves with uppercase and lowercase letters. They?ll start to learn how to identify and say numbers 0 to 9.

2. Smaller classroom to learn and flexible times

Public schools can be overcrowded. Private schools can be pricey. Preschool and summer programs offer the chance to learn and play in a space that is less crowded. The class sizes tend to be smaller so children can receive more attention from teachers. This also fosters a sense of community between all the children in the classroom.

Generally, you are provided the opportunity to choose when your child attends preschool. Most programs offer full-day care as well as part-time. That can be divided up by days of the week or hours of the days making it flexible for your schedule. It also provides the chance for your child to adjust to preschool rather than being thrown into a full-time schedule before they?re ready.

3. Improves their chances of success later

When you sign your child up for summer programs or preschool, you are preparing them for their future education and their lives after school. Studies show that children who attend pre kindergarten complete higher degrees. They also are more likely to attend college. Children who attend preschool also have higher pre-reading and math scores according to a study of 14,612 kindergarteners. Lastly, their language and memory are often improved if they attend preschool according to a federally funded study of 1,364 children. This will prepare your child for their future studies when it comes to articulating themselves, analyzing and remembering important details or facts.

With two-third of four-year-olds in the U.S. attending preschool, it shows that parents are catching on to the importance of early education for their children. There is no reason to wait until they are five to start exposing them to other children, teachers, learning environments and the opportunity to learn. Preschool prepares them for success later in their lives.

Let us know in the comments below what your experience has been with preschools. Did you attend preschool yourself? Have any of your children attended preschool or summer programs?

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