Four Places a Graphic Design Degree Can Take You


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Graphic design is an exciting, constantly-evolving career field for people with creative, innovative minds. A degree or certificate in graphic design from any of the country’s top art and design colleges can lead to a wide variety of different jobs, making graphic design an extremely versatile field as well.

Here are four career fields in which a graphic design or digital media arts degree from one of the top art and design colleges can take you:

1. Package design: Ever gone to a store and seen a product with unique, innovative packaging? You might have a package designer to thank for that. As a package designer, you’ll get to exercise your creativity by coming up with new and exciting ways to present products.

2. Video game art: Graduates of art and design colleges with a foundational knowledge in game concept art and video game art can find employment with video game companies as concept artists and designers. The video game industry is a lucrative one!

3. Web design: Clean, eye-catching design on the web is vital for keeping Internet users from navigating away from a page, which is why most companies employ web designers. As a web designer, you’ll be responsible for catching customers’ attention — and keeping it.

4. Advertising and marketing: Demand is high for skilled graphic designers who can create an effective visual component for companies’ advertising and marketing campaigns. Some graphic designers can make careers out of designing logos for companies alone!

The field of graphic design is highly competitive, even for top graduates of the best art and design colleges. Currently, there are about 700 accredited art and design colleges in the United States. If you want to graduate with a degree in a field that’s both highly rewarding as well as challenging, a graphic design degree might be for you! Good references here.

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