Having Trouble Finding a Girlfriend? Stop Being Afraid to Approach Women with These Tips


Meeting new women after a divorce

If you’re afraid to approach women, there’s one thing you need to know: you’re not alone. According to a study from The Huffington Post, a huge number of men aged 20 to 38 say that approaching women makes them feel anxious and afraid of being judged or openly criticized. So, relax; Your fears are completely normal.

That shouldn’t be read to mean you have to live with this crippling fear that’s keeping you from attracting women. By following some expert advice, like we’re offering in this article, you can slowly learn to be more confident and stop being afraid to approach women.

How to Not Be Afraid to Approach Women

  • Be Confident
  • For most men who struggle with how to approach women, their problem is simply a lack of confidence. As eHarmony writes, many women say that they find confidence to be the most attractive characteristic in a potential partner. And here’s something else to keep in mind: even if you aren’t truly confident, fake it. Before you know it, your playacting will transform into authentic courage and confidence.

  • Learn to Recover
  • For Match.com, one of the biggest issues for men who are afraid to approach women is their inability to recover from a setback. If you find yourself openly flustered when speaking to her — and yes, she will notice — just take a deep breath to settle yourself. Then continue on with a normal conversation. You’ll be surprised just how quickly she’ll forget your early nerves.

  • Don’t Treat Women Like They’re All the Same
  • Too many men assume that approaching women is about using the same old strategy time and time again. However, if you want to find success when approaching women, you need to realize that they aren’t all the same. Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes; some are shy, some are very forward, and so on. If you’re afraid of being rejected, take this piece of advice to heart: treat her like an individual, and your chances of success will skyrocket.

We get it: anytime you approach beautiful women, it’s going to be scary. However, keep these tips in mind next time, and you’ll find that you can push through the fear and show your best side. Learn more at this link.

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