How Summer Camp for Kids Can Save the World


Private preschool vs public preschool

Every day the news bombards us with updates on the bleak status of the planet and the mess that this dominant species of ours has made of it. It is far too easy to get bogged down with all of the stories detailing war and violence, famine, natural disasters, poverty and inequality. And those are just the issues facing humanity directly, not to mention the rough shape that the environment is in, as natural habitats and entire species slowly disappear.

But the beauty that can be found in all of that mess is that while it was largely, if not wholly, created by the ambition in the hearts and minds of mankind, those same hearts and minds have the ability to create something better. And the major element that can start to turn things around is education.

Education is the key to our success

Just about every issue, on almost any level, could be resolved if all of the parties involved took the time to be properly educated, and did so with an open mind. Ignorance and the love of power or money over true knowledge and acceptance are the main factors to blame for the issues that we have gotten into as a whole. Yes, many people go to school. But not all education systems are equal, and on top of that, not every education system tackles the issues that we need to face in order to become better as a whole. The next step in the evolution of our society needs to be real education, not just memorization of facts or glossed over summaries of government, history, and social programs and issues.

And that thorough education needs to be built from the ground up. Starting with education for our children, the knowledge revolution should be constructed on a strong foundation that reaches from the earliest encounters all the way through the formal education years.

Making education fun with summer camp for kids

Part of the problem with attempting to implement widespread, quality education is the negative connotations that some associate with school. Some find it boring or difficult. But education can be and should be fun, especially when the focus is on children. Kids should be kids, and having a fun childhood does not have to be mutually exclusive with learning. The minds of children are sponges, so quality education should be happening from a young age, but it should be happening in a way that they can be excited about, for it to make the most difference. Many parents stress about finding the very best preschool for their young ones. The right preschool is certainly important, but getting creative by finding a good, interesting summer camp for kids can have a pretty significant impact as well.

From the basics to learning to care for each other

There is a vast array of different types of summer camp for kids, from outdoor adventures where they will learn about nature and wildlife or sports, to camps focusing on science, music, math, art, or any number of other disciplines. The best type of summer camp for kids will integrate several different focuses or disciplines, particularly if the camp if for very young children. Early education and development is crucial in the particularly formative years that children typically head to preschool, around the age of three or four. During this time, children learn letters and the order and names of numbers and how to recognize them, as well as learn to identify colors, simple shapes, and body parts.

The right programs will combine a variety of activities, such as dancing and singing, arts and crafts, free play for the development of imagination and independence, storytelling, and games and projects both inside and outdoors. This variety lends itself well to teaching several different skills without overwhelming the children as they learn not only book basics, but also balance and strength, and begin to understand manners and social cues, which is the start of learning how to care for each other as fellow human beings.

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