Iron On Vinyl Guide for Beginners

Iron On Vinyl Guide for Beginners


When one needs to get images printed on pieces of cloth, iron on vinyl is a useful tool. The first step is usually to get the image you want on the laptop or iPad on the Cricut software. Then one needs to edit out the image to be left only with the parts that they want on their prints.

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Having a blank background would help. The next step is to pick the quality of image you want. It is always good to pick the best quality. It is then important to take the measurements of the piece of cloth you want the vinyl print on and scale your image to match it. It is important to leave spaces on the edges of the material.
After your image is ready on the Cricut software, then it is time to get the vinyl. Select the type of material on the Cricut machine, for example, iron on vinyl. The Cricut machine makes the printout on the vinyl and then it is time to remove the vinyl from the mat. Tape the vinyl on the working table with the shiny side facing down and carefully peel off the upper part to be left with your print.
After the print is ready, then it’s time for pressing. Get the right amount of press and temperature needed for that specific material. Apply the cut vinyl and place the Cricut pressing machine on top of the material. After this wait for the presser to cool off and get the material out. The image is ready to use.

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