Many Students Struggle To Balance Work And Home Life With School How Home Learning Can Help


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Some of the largest strides in education happen in the most unexpected places. Home learning is fast becoming a boon to many students who are struggling with the expectations placed on them in traditional educational environments, with reasons ranging from mental illness to learning disabilities to new family situations. Should you or someone you know be considering the benefits of online learning courses and what they have to offer a student’s future, consider looking at the list below to learn about how home learning works and why it’s becoming the go-to option for many Americans.

What Is Home Learning?

Simply put, home learning courses are designed to help a student receive a full education from the comfort of their home. When traditional classroom environments are not conducive to learning, home learning can pick up the slack and help people from all backgrounds reach the same level. These courses cover all the basics, including math, science and writing. Additional teachings, such as foreign languages and the arts, can also be picked up in an online environment. The future is more digital than ever, so it stands to reason there’s little to lose by taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Why Do Students Prefer Home Learning?

There are multiple reasons why more students are turning to online courses. Studies have revealed nearly 46% of online students saying their biggest motivation to enroll is to advance their career, with over 30% of all higher education students in general now taking at least one, if not several, online courses. All in all, 70% of online students prefer the online model so they can better balance work, family and general social responsibilities. If you find yourself struggling and failing to balance community college or university with your day-to-day life, studying at home might be the option you’ve been looking for.

What Is Visual Learning?

Although there are many different ways to soak up information, visual learning has been found to be one of the most common and thus the most effective. The brain is able to process visual information a whopping 60,000 times faster than text and studies have revealed at least 65% of the population are actually visual learners. Visual aids in the classroom, such as PowerPoint presentations, can improve learning by up to 400%. Due to online teaching model’s natural propensity for visual learning, this can be beneficial for many.

What Are Additional Benefits To Home Learning?

Not only is home learning highly flexible without losing effectiveness, it has additional benefits that can be felt by many. Studies have shown 65% of personal learners saying the new learning model helped them make friends, while another 60% said online courses help them feel more connected to their local community. Some with social anxiety or disabilities may find the advantage of home learning even greater, allowing them to maintain their education without the concern of long traveling times or excess socializing.

Should I Take Home Lectures Instead?

Home learning, just like traditional classrooms, are not for everybody. However, they are starting to enjoy more attention than ever as more and more people are figuring out their unique learning methods. Online lectures allow you the capability of better balancing your social life and job on top of an education, with the added benefit of promoting visual learning models over others. While a common fear is that home learning can make it difficult to connect or make friends, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Over 60% of home learners said they finally had extra time on their hands to pursue other interests and 87% said they feel more capable than ever. With home learning becoming more accessible than ever, education and a balanced lifestyle are no longer mutually exclusive.

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