Septic Systems Made Simple

Septic Systems Made Simple


This video will teach you all you need to know about the making of septic tanks. If your house is connected to a drain network, installing septic systems is an excellent way to treat your sewage. Septic tanks utilize certain bacteria to decompose the domestic wastewater you channel into them.

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How are septic systems made? Concrete is the most common material for making septic tanks. A functional septic tank has access lids on its exterior and different treatment chambers on its interior. Welding a properly measured steel cage is the first step in making a septic tank. Ensure you install rebar spacers to keep the cell in a sound position.

You can then use a crane to secure the cage into a high-strength steel plate structure. This is done right before lowering the concrete walls for the tank’s interior chambers. Create a flow hole through sections using plastic tubes and rubber sleeves.

You can then form access lid holes in the rebar structure through torching. Pour wet concrete into your steel structure. Ensure air pockets are eliminated before leveling the walls and the top-slab rebar. Let your concrete structure cure before removing the forms and cleaning it. .

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