Losing a loved one can be a huge hit on the family. Most people are never ready for when that time comes for their loved ones to pass. Once it gets to that time though, it’s up to that person how they decide for their burial to go. More and more people are choosing the cremation process because of its simplicity. Here is what you can expect at a cremation service.

What happens first is that the casket will have all metal handles removed.

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Once the handles are removed, a service is arranged where friends and family can be present for the cremation. The casket is lifted onto a table where one of the deceased person’s family members can push the button which will slowly inch the casket towards the cremator. The chamber is preheated so that the process is very quick. Once the casket is burnt to ash, the remains are placed inside an urn so that the family of the deceased can decide what to do with the ashes. This process has been honed and adjusted for many years, resulting in a cremation service that will go with a hitch and leave the family knowing that they made the right choice.

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