The Top Three Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About College Admissions Consultants


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These days it is becoming more and more common to go to college, but many people pay little mind to the systems in place to help you get there. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about your college application adviser:

1. More and More Kids are Going to College

For all that one might say about the college industry, it is definitely a growing one. In 2014, just shy of three and a half million people applied for college, yet by 2020 researchers expect that there will be roughly 23 million students in college. Everyone one of those students represents a skilled worker in the workforce and each and every one of them is another case that college admissions consultants has to work with.

2. It is a Tech Savvy Job

While the requirements of colleges may not be shifting heavily, the medium by which candidates are considered certainly is. Even in 2009, applications were submitted to colleges online nearly 80% of the time in the United States. New college application software will continue to be developed to provide college application assistance to students across the nation. So long as college online application forms dominate the market, this adviser position will be a technical one.

3. Even Today it is Very Respected

All this talk of the future is well and good, but what about today? In point of fact, these advisers who provide college application assistance are already considered some of the best, brightest, and most experienced education consultants come from adviser and councilor positions. In other words, those that devote themselves to this field are already having their expertise recognized. What do you think of them? Read more here:

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