5 University Staff Positions That Don’t Require a Doctorate


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When most people envision working at a university, they probably picture professorial types in tweed jackets (with elbow patches) giving lectures. But actually, a large percentage of a university’s staff isn’t part of the teaching faculty, and many have only bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Here are five examples of college or university jobs that might be a perfect fit for you — no tweed required:

  1. College Administration Jobs

    There are plenty of administration jobs in education that are filled by people of all education levels (often, it’s preferred that you have a master’s). Upper administration, such as a university president, usually comes out of the ranks of teaching faculty. But the rest of the workers on administrative staff have various specialized skills that take care of the day-to-day running of the college or university. These might include office staff, business advisors, marketers and even event planners.

  2. College Admissions Jobs

    Admissions staff handle the massive task of both organizing the admissions process for new students and setting goals to help achieve the school’s overall vision of the type of students it would like to attract and accept. This is technically one of the administration jobs in education, but works within such a distinct area that it deserves separate mention.

  3. College Recruiting Jobs

    Recruiting jobs are often part-time gigs that allow you to interact with university staff (often setting yourself up for a full-time position in the future) without dedicating too much time. It’s the job of recruitment reps to convince the best and brightest students to apply for any given school. This job takes an outgoing personality and the ability to show your enthusiasm for whatever school you’re recruiting for.

  4. College Counseling Jobs

    College counselors must have a good working knowledge of the college’s degree and graduation requirements so they can make sure students are on the path to graduating on time. Most of the time, you’ll be hired specifically by a school within a college or university (such as the College of Arts and Sciences, or College of Business), since you’ll be expected to know specific details about prerequisites, credit hours and exemptions.

  5. College Coaching Jobs

    If you want to be head football coach at a Div-I school, that will take a lifetime of effort. But assistant coaching positions, particularly at smaller colleges, are often open to people with far less experience. If you played the sport yourself while in college — and especially if you played the sport at the school where you’re applying for a job — there’s a good chance you can get seasonal coaching work.

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