Three Things To Look For In Child Care Centers


Early learning programs

Finding the right child care is one of the most important tasks a working parent can undertake. Whether you’re looking for child care for a preschool-aged child, or after school care for an older kid — or for that matter both — whatever early learning program you choose is whether your child is going to be spending a good amount of their time. Child care isn’t about placing your child with a qualified person and letting them do what they want. It’s about ensuring that your child has, is well cared for, and most importantly, learns. This is where your child will be making his or her early friends, and learning important lessons for the future. So: what should you look for when choosing a child care center?

1. Early Education

Early education is the key to preparing your child for the future. Many high-quality preschools now expect a certain level of education in children — they should know numbers and letters, for example. Fortunately, early learning programs are to here to help. A good early learning program is aware of the fact that most children learn many words at age 15 to 18 months, and that no matter how young a child is, it’s not too early for him or her to start learning. The quality of the education your child undertakes at any early age really is valuable — an analysis of 120 studies indicated that 80% of kids who participated in high quality early learning programs outperformed their peers who failed to participate in the same level of programs.

2. Physical Activity

In this day and age, it’s become all too easy to turn a child towards a screen — whether that screen is a television, a tablet, or in some cases a phone — and let them go. This has been linked to ill health and obesity, so it’s key that your child participates in a program that doesn’t rely on such “inactive activity”. In fact, the AAP recommends that children under two don’t watch any screen-related media. Rather, children should be outside playing and exercising. This will not only keep them physically healthy, but stimulate their creativity! Look for playgrounds at the child care center you’re considering.

3. Diversity

It goes without saying that many children have different needs from others. If your child has a physical ailment — whether it be a food allergy or something much more serious — consult with the child care center you’re considering before signing on. It’s just as important to do so if your child has a disorder like autism, or something as seemingly minor as extreme shyness or phobias. Make sure that the child care center in consideration is able to accommodate your child’s specific needs. Nobody wants their child to be treated like a number. But don’t take for granted that all of the child care centers you’re looking at will be as informed as they should be.

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