Understanding Terminal Seals and Their Uses

Understanding Terminal Seals and Their Uses


In this YouTube video, Yueqing Kinkong Electric Co, LTD. looks at connector terminal seals. Connecter terminal seals connect more than one electrical, pneumatic, or fiberoptic cable to make a longer route.

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Connector types include explosion-proof, end pieces, thermocouples, vacuum passthroughs, and more. A vacuum passthrough works best for electrical, pneumatic, and fiberoptic signals passed from one chamber to another. Explosion-proof connectors keep explosions from reaching further down a signal or line by placing them every eighteen inches or so. Thermocouple types work best when taking a temperature measurement from inside a vacuum chamber.

The type of connector a business will need is based entirely upon the operation, signal load, temperature requirements, and design specifications of their operations. Terminal seals can come premanufactured and are made from different wire thicknesses and various materials. Many other sizes and styles are available.

If a business needs a connection or a terminal seal or a passthrough mechanism but cannot pick off-the-shelf components, they might consider having one custom-made by trained engineers. A terminal seal can be cast, molded, and forged to do the job and potentially save a company from an expensive redesign.

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