What is a Geospatial Service?

What is a Geospatial Service?


Geospatial technology refers to a range of modern technological tools used in the geographical mapping and analysis of the earth in human societies. By exploiting the tools a geospatial service offers, businesses can grow and improve their services. The YouTube video “What is Geospatial Technology” gives an overview of how geospatial technology can be used to grow a business.

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Geospatial technology involves using satellites to take pictures of the earth using digital software. With real-time socioeconomic and environmental data of a location or country, useful findings can be discovered. The applications of geospatial technology are numerous. One such example is its use in the design of AR and VR headsets, which have their roots in geospatial technology. Similarly, wearable devices such as smartwatches and health monitors use geospatial technology to help users better understand their activity during the day.

Geospatial technology also comes in handy in cashless payments. Businesses, through the use of geospatial technology, can offer the option of cashless payments to their customers and further streamline their processes to serve their customers better. Geospatial technology can also be applied in marketing by enabling businesses to market to their target audience on their GPS-enabled devices. As technology continues to evolve and alter how we live, geospatial technology will likely play a role in future advancements, too.


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