What is Self Defence Insurance?

What is Self Defence Insurance?


The clip” Should I Buy Self Defense Insurance?” explains self-defense insurance as a type of policy that includes coverage for defending oneself against an act of violence. It is typically sold to people who wish to cover themselves legally should they initiate or protect themselves in the event of a physical confrontation with another person. Whether at work, on the street, or in your home.

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Self-defense insurance coverage may include bodily injury and liability protection. You will trigger the protection if you cause serious harm during an altercation while defending yourself according to your state’s laws. Some policies would cover legal defense costs should you be charged with an offense related to self-defense.

In most cases, companies that sell self-defense insurance provide the policyholder with a certification process for quality assurance. By protecting yourself legally in the event of a physical altercation, you are under no duty to retreat and can act as your state laws would permit.

This coverage would usually be offered in conjunction with other types of insurance. Some companies also sell policies as stand-alone coverage. The cost of self defense insurance varies depending on the nature and extent of the coverage. It is often quite affordable compared to other types of liability policies.


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