Mitigating Erosion Through Revegetation

Erosion is a problem for many ecosystems throughout the world. To counter this, the Youtube channel, Terrain NRM, offers a smart and easy solution to prevent further degradation of natural environments such as creek banks. Maintaining creek banks is important for keeping steady water flow throughout the seasons. When the natural vegetation recedes, the rivers can dry up and result […]

Learn How to Drive a Forklift

What does a forklift contractor do? How does a forklift operate? This video explains how a forklift operates. This video makes it easy to understand how forklifts operate and the type of job a forklift contractor does. A forklift is a powerful piece of equipment that is used across a wide range of industries. Proper operation of this equipment is […]

The Advanced State of High Purity Water Production

Water comes in multiple forms, which include various states of purity. Yet, who uses the purest water and where does it come from? The Youtube channel, US Water Systems, gives viewers insight into the importance of having pure water and what goes into high purity water production. Pure water has applications numbering in the hundreds. From food services, research facilities, […]

What Is a Micro Machining Tool Used for?

For those running a small business in anything that involves modeling, having the right quality in your products is crucial. If your business needs a device that can handle large-scale production, it’s recommended you get the Wellveus micro machining tool. Whereas it can tackle heavy-duty jobs, you may need a professional to install it. If you wish to teach others […]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a New Garage?

In this video, you will learn how much it will cost to build a new garage. The garage in the video is 24×30 foot garage with nine-foot-tall walls. The videographer says that if he could go back and make a different choice then he would have chosen 12-foot-tall walls instead of nine-foot to provide more space. Building the garage himself […]

Hydraulic Elevators 101

This video helps you familiarize with how hydraulic elevators work. Elevators are a modern convenience that we take granted for every day. Hydraulic elevators are a type of elevator that are powered by a piston travelling inside of a cylinder. Video Source They are distinctly different from those types of elevators with overhead hoisting machinery. By watching the video, you’ll […]