Coaching Support for those Coping with Addiction


Addiction courses

Some people are driven to help and serve others through their careers or through volunteering. These types of people often pursue careers in public service, health care, social work, or for some other non profit organization. For people who are interested in careers in the mental health field, there are a variety of possibilities. While social workers are mentioned above, there are also psychologists, mental health counselors, drug and alcohol counselors, and recovery coaches. You have probably heard of all those except recovery coach. As the name indicates, a recovery coach performs an important function in the process of the recovery of an individual who is struggling with some form of addiction. As such, a recovery coach must receive recovery coach certification, and take various types of training that might include addiction courses, online addiction training, and peer specialist training.

While other types of mental health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors use different methods to help treat patients, a recovery coach provides assistance to patients after counseling has ended. As such, a person with recovery coach certification will help recovering patients to manage their ongoing recoveries. Obviously, addiction is one of the most difficult things in life with which person may ever cope. Therefore, just because he or she has completed a 12 step program or drug treatment program does not mean that there addiction has just gone away, and no further treatment is necessary. During recovery coach certification training, recovery coaches learn that recovery is an ongoing process, and that the struggle with addiction will continue well after a program is completed.

Although people may not be familiar with the job of a recovery coach, going through recovery coach certification will qualify one for a rewarding career. If you or someone you know is interested in a career that aims to help people, recovery coach certification is an excellent option. The process of recovery is a long one for most patients, and those who go through recovery coach certification will provide patients with the guidance that they need to stay on track, and achieve long term recovery.

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